Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Amount of Alcohol Consumed at.....

Have you ever thought of the amount of alcohol consumed at large events, like Mardi Gras and the Calgary Stampede?  Well, it seems there is no 100% accurate record of the amount of alcohol.   However, there is accurate record of attendance.

For Mardi Gras, a one day event, the estimated attendance is 700,000 people.  For the Calgary Stampede (Canada's closest equivalent to Mardi Gras), over 10 days, the estimated attendance is 1 million people.  If you estimated that conservatively people drank 2 drinks, that is over 2 million drinks served at the Calgary Stampede.  Now, I personally think the idea of only 2 drinks is probably low, but that still gives you perspective about the number of drinks.  Now if you factor in that a drink is probably $5 each, those 2 million drinks bring $10 million dollars to the economy alone.  Wow!

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