Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Irony of Storage Lockers

Have you ever thought about the irony of storage lockers.  When you watch shows like Storage Wars, you will notice that there often many a locker that hold little value - like maybe $500 worth of goods and product in there.  Now, while that is bad, the real irony comes in that the previous owners probably diligently paid there $100 a month (or so) to store $500 worth of stuff.  It is ironic that we pay a small fortune annually to save things that would actually be cheaper just to buy again when you actually wanted them.  However, like anything, you'd actually have to save the money you would be paying for storage locker so that when you needed the goods you could buy them again.

Also a tad ironic is the values they put on the storage lockers on Storage Wars.  If you actually try to sell those items, I highly doubt they sell for the values they suggest they will.  They always tell you the value on the show, but that isn't actually how much you can sell the item for.

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