Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Breadth of Coca Cola

Have you ever thought of products you consume and how many countries they are available in? For example, most products are available in a few countries under one name and a different country under another, if at all.

Not with Coca Cola. Coca Cola is available in 200 countries around the world under its same brand name. In fact the only two countries that don't have Coca Cola whatsoever are North Korea and Cuba. North Korea is for obvious reason. Cuba on the other hand was actually one of the first countries, besides Canada and the USA to bottle Coca Cola. However after the Cuban revolution Coca Cola liquidated their assets there and left rather than have to share them for free with Cubans.

So Coca Cola, besides biggest brand in the world is also not surprisingly the most accessible product in the world. Of course, nothing is super easy when dealing with that many different countries. As a result there are a number of different coke formulations to allow Coca Cola to meet all local food ingredient requirements these countries all have.

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