Thursday, December 27, 2012

Where did OK came from?

Have you ever thought of how odd the word "OK" is. It is something that has been around for generations, but doesn't really seem like most other words as we only use the abbreviation of the proper word, OKAY.

So, after some research, it seems that OK has presidential ties. President Martin Van Buren was running for re-election and was from Kinderhook, NY. Since he was an older gentleman of stature in Kinderhook, he was known as "Old Kinderhook". Now, from there, someone came up with the slogan that if you wanted all things to be good, then vote for OK. From there, people continued to reference OK as being everything being good.

Many years later the word "okay" was created to hopefully replace OK, but that never succeeded.
Go figure, a term we all used all day is from a presidential slogan in 1840.

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