Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Irony of "Hybrid Parking Spots"

Have you ever thought about the irony of having Hybrid/Electric Car Parking Spots so close to businesses? For those of you that haven't seen a Hybrid/Electric Car Parking Spot they are parking spots for these types of cars, usually right near the handicapped parking spots, near a business. In Vancouver, BC, they are quite popular and are appearing in more and more parking spots.

Now, what is ironic here is that these spots are almost always empty while the rest of the parking lot is full. As a result, the high polluting cars (basically everything else on the road) have to circle the parking lot endlessly trying to find a spot while spewing exhaust. While these cars, the hybrids, which don't seem to ever exist in said parking lot, have a nice convenient spot. Perhaps even more interesting is who enforces the parking rules and check to ensure you are hybrid, or even expecting (yes, there is parking spots for expecting mothers). Clearly leaving people to their own parking ethics fails because we have parking enforcement officers.

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