Monday, September 5, 2011

Your Conscious and Subconscious Body

Have you ever thought of how automated your body really is. For example, say you eat something your body disagrees with (or involves a case of food poisoning). Immediately your subconscious body begins dealing with the situation. It starts releasing whatever hormones, blood cells, etc. it needs to within seconds. Now, while all this is happening your conscious body, or more importantly your mind, hasn't really even come to the conclusion anything is wrong. Instead your subconscious body is taking care of the situation. It is the same with headaches, pains, and so many other things with the body. Yes, you may feel pain and take drugs to help your body, but your subconscious body is likely already on the case.

It really is quite amazing what the subconscious body does all by itself - like handling pain to remembering to breath.

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