Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Better Odds of a Cow being at the Super Bowl than you winning the lottery

Have you ever thought about how many cows lose their lives for football, and I am not talking even about what we eat. If you stop and look at the numbers, approximately 11,970 footballs are used in a year (each game uses an average of 36 footballs). So, to produce this many footballs, approximately 35,000 cow hides are used (thankfully they are using the hides of cows who have already been slaughtered for food purposes, etc.).

Now, if you look at this against the total cow population in the US (approximately 66.2 million), the odds of a cow's hide being in the Super Bowl is 1 in about 17 million. The odds of you winning Lotto Super 7 are 1 in about 65 million. Interesting....

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