Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30km in a School Zone

Have you ever thought of why is that we have to drive so slowly in a shopping mall parking lot compared to a school zone.

Why is it when you are in a shopping mall or parkade they want you to go between 8km/h and 15km/h. However, in a school zone, you are allowed to go 30km/h. Something doesn't make sense there, especially given these interesting observations:
  • Are young children better at getting out of the way of a moving car than people walking to their cars in a parking lot?
  • How does someone even go 8km/h. The average person can walk about 5km/h. So, basically you should be going as fast as the old lady walking along.
  • Why did someone decide on 8km/h. Almost every other speed limit, in fact almost all of them that I can think of, end in a 0 (e.g. 30, 50, 100, etc.). When do you ever see a speed limit of 53km/h?
Just a random thought...

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