Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jobs That Suck To Have In The Heat

Well, since Vancouver is in the middle of heat wave, I was trying to think of jobs that sucked more than mine (our office is inside a building without Air Conditioning) due to the heat. And, well, here was the list of jobs I wouldn't want to have to work in a Heat Wave:
  • Firefighter - fires are already hot
  • Cook - cooking in a kitchen is damn hot
  • Sanitation Engineer - picking up garbage that has been in the heat stinks
  • Aircraft Personnel - working in the belly of the aircrafts or directing aircrafts on the ground lets you be near their nice hot engines
  • Construction - working in any sort of construction project, especially those around hot metal, have to suck in hot weather
  • Parking Officer - walking around all day in the heat - not fun
  • Any Others?!?!?

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