Tuesday, July 7, 2009

How Much Reading Do We Actually Do??

So I was reading a book about how the USA is losing their "Creative Minds" back to the countries where they came from. This is because their "home country" has now awoken to the Knowledge Based economy we are in whereas the USA, a former Knowledge Leader, has become too inward focusing focused mainly on "keeping itself secure" and sealing its borders. Knowledge Leadership, at least in the USA, doesn't seem to be something that is needed any longer.

Anyways, while reading the book I noticed more than once that my eyes were moving across the page, but that I wasn't actually reading. Instead I was sitting there "reading" while also thinking about the content of the book.

Now, have you ever thought of what is the real purpose of books first and foremost. Is it for every word to be read? But perhaps even more intriguing is what percentage of books we probably think we "read" but never really "read" because we were thinking. I wonder how much we actually "read".

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